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High quality food on Hartlepool's Historic Headland

At The Duke of Cleveland, we pride ourselves on locally sourced and delicious food. With a menu of hearty meals including classic favourites, nestled in the heart of Hartlepool's Historic Headland. In fact, you'll be joining us in one of The Headland's most interesting and oldest buildings.

During the 1800's, the building was used as the holiday home of The Duke of Cleveland, William Henry Vane. It's said that the building itself has no windows overlooking St Hilda's Church due to The Duke himself having a disagreement with the then curator of St Hilda's!

Parmo Wednesday - treat yourself!

Just think, it’s the middle of the week and you have no idea what to cook... let us do it for you! Every Wednesday, The Duke plays host to ‘Parmo Wednesday’ where you can grab two original Parmesans (additional toppings available) for £14.00! If you’d like to book, just click the red banner above and you’ll be taken to our Table Bookings page.

Following Parmo Wednesday, we have our ever-popular Open Mic event in our Main Restaurant from 8PM - hosted by Finlay Dobing. Setting up next to our Grand Piano, the ambience and mood in the room is relaxed and perfect for a little sing song!