COVID-19 Updates

Last Updated: 19th July 2021

Easing of Restrictions

We’re pleased to see so many of you excited about the easing of restrictions, and hope you enjoy them! As a team, we’ve worked hard to ensure our venue is Covid-ready, and many of the things we have had in place will remain for the foreseeable to ensure our environment is as safe and as comfortable as possible, while also ensuring our customers can enjoy themselves.

😷 Mask wearing is no longer mandatory by law, and so we will not question customers who no longer want to wear one as that is your personal choice. However, other customers and members of our team may be wearing one, so please be considerate when moving around the building.

📱 Venue check in is not compulsory, however our barcode will remain on display for those who feel more comfortable doing so. This barcode links directly to NHS Track & Trace. Alternatively, we can take a name and number if you’d prefer.

🧼 Hand Sanitizer stations are positioned throughout the premises, including when entering the building, restaurant and ballroom. Please make use of this as you walk through to kill off any germs that may be surrounding us (not just covid!)

🪑 Table service will remain in our venue - we feel this gives you more personalised service and allows you to remain seated comfortably as we prepare your drinks and food - however, we will still take your order from the bar if you’d prefer. Certain events in the ballroom or blue room may allow bar service due to their nature.

↔️ Table Distancing will remain. Our current floor plan will stay the same with distance of over one metre between tables. This gives our team plenty of space to serve and creates a more relaxed atmosphere!

6️⃣ We can now accept table bookings for more than 6 people, please call 01429 280021 to make a reservation, or visit our website:

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank every single one of our customers throughout the pandemic. Since taking over The Duke in October, the place has gone from strength to strength and we could not be doing this without all of your support. We’re all on a learning curve, but we’re thrilled with the feedback we’ve been receiving.

Stay safe, and see you soon!
Team Duke